non facilitatedLearn how to get started in Moodle and Blackboard Open LMS by learning how to navigate in the system and use its basic functionality to build courses. This course focuses on skills for new users and includes topics such as using the file repository for managing files, using the HTML editor, updating of profile settings, and creating resources for a course. This course also covers how to use activity completion and restrict access settings, add video to increase engagement, use communication tools, and use course management tools such as enrollment and course backups/restores. This course is facilitated by an instructor.

not facilitatedThis course is designed for faculty and course builders who have already mastered using common resources in Blackbaord Open LMS and are ready to start using activities, the gradebook, and Open LMS features. In this course, you will learn how to use the gradebook, create commonly used activities, grade activities, and use key features of the Blackboard Open LMS platform. You will also learn best practices to follow as you build your online courses, how to grade using the activity graders and the Open Grader, and other powerful Open LMS features such as the Personalized Learning Designer (PLD) and Open Reports. This course is not facilitated by an instructor.

not facilitatedTake your courses to the next level by learning the advanced features of Blackboard Open LMS. This course focuses on creating advanced activities to add collaboration, increase interactivity, gain student feedback, and monitor progress. It also covers how to grade those activities, map Open outcomes to resources and activities, use select third-party plug-ins, configure groups and groupings, manage badges, manage competencies, and follow best practices. This course is not facilitated by an instructor.

Moodle Support for Faculty:

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