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Writing in the margins has always been an essential activity for students. Annotation helps in reading comprehension and in developing critical thinking about course materials. enables students to continue this essential activity with online readings. Digital annotation also offers new affordances, enabling students to respond to text using different media and empowering them to collaborate on understanding and developing ideas about their readings.

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This course is a collaboration between Instructional Design Services, Open Educational Resources, Library, Assessment, Tutoring, Faculty Professional Development, and the Academic Technology Center.  It takes a village to support the planning and developing of your course.  This course will introduce or reacquaint faculty with best practices in designing and developing online courses, including accessibility, equity considerations, the course standard review system we use, and the various support options available at Lane.

Upon successful course completion, you will have articulated a course plan that demonstrates the integration of basic best practice categories of OSCQR; a plan for accessibility; and appropriately integrates Lane's online support options for faculty and students.